Find Alien 3D

Would it be possible for you to locate the hidden aliens that are hiding among us in this game of Find Alien 3D is a new 3D gaming with the fun interaction of searching for funny aliens. They are hiding all over the place, from the city, infrastructure, supermarkets, playgrounds, offices, cafes, restaurants, and so on. To make sure to protect our planet from their invasion, let's try to find all of them as soon as possible and eliminate them before they can take any action. Utilize this special tool from the game to scan and tell you exactly which is human.

Once you locate the innocent human and the alien, shoot down the target with guns to remove the aliens! One single hit at the human will cost you the level and you have to restart that stage. The tip to avoid mistakes in this game is to avoid any irrational decision. On levels that you can tell for sure which one is the alien, feel free to shoot. However, even if you have a sliver of doubt, make sure to use a scanner to reduce the chance of mistakenly shooting the human side. The scanning machine isn't available all the time, and it has limited usage.

Choose the most valuable time to make use of the machine! Once you shoot and the target explodes into firecrackers, you have successfully eliminated him. Keep in mind to constantly go to the in-game store to purchase updates, because difficulty levels rise throughout the game. There is no limitation on how many times you can replay and which device this ABCya free game can be played on. Keep your high scores by targeting precisely and delivering the best gunshots! Bring down the alien side and keep the peaceful atmosphere of the kingdom with more games like Hover Skirt or Feller 3D!

Controls: Shoot with the left mouse.