Silly Snakes

If you are looking for a new io game with 3D graphics and colorful, vibrant animation, Silly Snakes will easily be the best option that you can enjoy without any cost here at ABCya land! The game is all about helping the snake of your choice to evolve, move, gather food, and win the game as the last snake standing. As it's an io game, the players can freely explore a vast map with extended barriers and no limitation on the edge.

The main goal is to steer clear of all obstacles, dangers, as well as the bigger enemies on the path while trying to capture the most fruit pieces. The more food your snake captures, the faster it shall evolve. Keep moving around and don't stop until your character becomes the biggest one on the map! The game allows you to select the skin and color of the snake from the beginning of the turn, therefore, make sure to add some decoration to make your token more outstanding.

This new game from is all about selecting the best route for each purpose. If you are all in for capturing more and more food to be the biggest snake, keep your eye fixated on the trails with food only. On the other hand, if you are going to try to attack the other snakes, do your best to spot them on the map and follow them to prepare for the hit.

Be careful to stay away from the markings on the map where the biggest snakes are. This game is thrilling and full of adrenaline as your real-time opponents will get better with time. Go on more adventures with new games like Hexa Merge or Coloring Book Easter, all available without any cost for kids with various genres!

Controls: Move the snake using the mouse cursor or using the touchpad.