Stick Hero - Mighty Tower Wars

Stick Hero - Mighty Tower Wars will be all about capturing your enemies' front line and protecting their towers with the final aim to clear them all! The faster you can clear the towers with your arrows, the higher your rank shall be in this new ABCya 4 kid game! Not only will it be a great opportunity for good commanders in battles to shine but it'll be quite a challenging quest for you to upgrade your battling techniques a bit. Get yourself in the right position with the main character and take over the commander role.

The objective for you throughout all stages will simply be to prepare yourself to take over the top-notch battles. All these battles consist of trying to defeat the guards on your enemy's side. By capturing more enemies' guards and eliminating monsters, you will be able to expand your territories and power up. The key point will be the art of calculating the aiming and shooting of your arrows. More towers can be built on your side once you gather enough energy or scores from the other side.

Let's try to upgrade and assemble the tower as high as you can while finding the final route to clear your princess! She will be waiting at the end of the level along with a treasure trunk, so be quick to shoot down your enemies in the war of heroes to get there. Feel free to utilize the gained coins to visit the in-game score and level up to unlock variable new characters to your collection. Keep adding more good items as you proceed further in the game with your trusty soldier! Other similar-themed games in the collection of interactive games at such as Human Wheel or Survivor In Rainbow Monster will be great options for your next session!

Controls: use the mouse to aim and shoot.