Witch Killer

If you are a hardcore fan of the famous movie and book The Witcher, this new game from ABCya fighting game: Witch Killer will let you play the role of the mighty 'Wolf' in his journey! Join the quest with this famous monster slayer and do your best to not only remove the monsters, gather the coins, but also to redeem his name.

If you can help the witcher to become the most famous of his kind and the only one standing against the dangerous creatures from dark forests, you will win the top scores of this game. As it's an endless game in which the witcher keeps on moving forward, you will do the job of choosing the best timing to move past the spiky barriers and jumping over or hitting the monsters.

Some movements that you can do are to jumping up, sliding down, attacking, and double jumping. Make sure that you don't leave any monster standing in your way and have no mercy against these dark creatures. The best way to boost your score is to grab all the coins scattered on your path and the valuable potions that help boost the witcher's power. Will you be able to locate all the hidden boosters and potions in this dark forest at https://abcya4.net/?

Demonstrate the best ability to coordinate moves and perform corresponding actions that keep the main character safe and conquer the missions in this slice-and-dice arcade game online. Keep your eye open for new monsters showing up randomly such as the scorpion or the strange creatures when you reach the further point in the quest. Let's stay alive for as long as possible with these magical potions and participate in more journeys in games like Great Air Battle and Bottle Flip!

Controlling keys:

Move with arrow keys, double jump by double-tapping the up arrow key,

slide using the down arrow,

attack with the spacebar.