Cute Animal Cards

Cute Animal Cards is easily one of the most adorable animal games here at with a brand new version of the arcade game online. The goal of this game is to make sure that the players can practice their patience and constantly click on the images to gain more scores. Cute animals and pets are here for you to freely enjoy the fun and share the amazing gameplay!

The main requirement and rules for the game are quite simple, but the time that you last in the game will be different each time. It's all about patience and how fast you can unlock new levels without failing even once. The higher levels can be unlocked as long as you gain enough scores per stage. The more times you manage to click on the cards in a limited time range, the higher your accumulated score will be.

As this falls into the category of clicking games, you will need utmost patience and the best eye-hand coordination to keep your progress in the game for a long time. Get plenty of new rewards and coins with upgrading clicks and bonuses. If you manage to embed more boosters later in the game, one click might bring you more than just one coin. The game comes with a nice overall music background, a top-notch card design with the cutest animals, and amazing graphics. The setting and platform for playing will not let you down!

Feel free to expand your range of games with a variety of genres such as action, arcade, puzzle, girl games, and so on. Dive into one that you haven't tried out before in order to crack more of your potential! Keep clicking to see how many new levels you can unlock within the time spent in more games like Halloween Ghost Balls at ABCya land!

How to play:

Click using the left mouse cursor or use the touchpad on mobiles and PC to play.