Gunner Runner

How good are you at controlling the flip and the firepower of the gun to reach a far checkpoint in this game of Gunner Runner? This new game of ABCya4 shooting game will be a new splash to your summer collection of online games! Don't forget that you can just click to make the gun of yours flip using its recoil power. The mechanism of this game depends on this power to make the gun fly up and further from the first starting point. Once the gun starts flying as far as it can, estimate and choose the timing when it nearly hits the ground to take another shot of bullet.

There are three bullets that you can use in total for one challenge. It's up to you to decide how you will let the game plays out. You can continue to flip the gun from time to time but make sure that you use the three bullets correctly. Don't forget that you can also upgrade the main weapon to get a better shooting force and firepower to gain momentum for the later journey. There will be tons of awesome skins for you to unlock later in the game. Keep hitting the play button and learn how to shoot at the right moment to keep the gun moving up and up!

Keep an eye out for useful bonuses such as ammo, boosters, hidden boxes, and such to pick up your game. Are you ready to hit the rank of the top shooters among other players on the Leaderboard? Gather some friends to get a group of familiar players to join other games like Zombie Slayer and Vegas Crime City from our website at

Controlling keys: Click or tap on the screen to flip the gun, shoot, and interact.