Shape Of Water

Simple-designed and easy-to-understand rules are the prominent features of Shape of Water - the new game at ABCya 4. However, there is nothing easy about figuring out the perfect solution for each puzzle in this tough game. The players get to control the water pipes and the available pieces to guide the water flow to your desired direction and destination. Each level comes with a gate in blue, which is the final location of your water flow. In order to successfully route the water toward the gate, the players need to brainstorm and think of the way to use items. As some infrastructure and blocks are given, use the ones that you need to make a road for the water.

Each item comes with its unique shape and size, but it's up to you to decide which to use. There will be a variety of items given per level to diversify the usage of the pieces. However, keep in mind that some are movable and some are not. For the unmovable pieces, you can take advantage of them by keeping them in their rightful places. Be creative with these geometry shapes and think out of the box to come up with the smartest and shortest path to victory!

In this game at, let's avoid overfilling or dripping too much water outside the shape's frame. Once the overfilling amount becomes too much, you will have to restart the stage. A total of nine different levels with nine special logics can only be solved by the best players, so take on this challenge now! Plenty of newly updated puzzles and quizzes such as Filled Glass 2 No Gravity and Cube Flip have equally cool features and gameplay for your free time enjoyment!

How to play: Interact with the blocks, open the pipeline and move items using the mouse cursor.