Filled Glass 2 No Gravity

Filled Glass 2: No Gravity brings a new sub-genre of puzzle game with a twist to allows players at ABCya 4 land to enjoy the new gameplay. It's a casual and arcade game with more than 30 different levels, each with its individual layout and logic. The goal throughout this online game is to make sure that the cup is filled with colored balls. The tricky part of this game lie in which the cup rotates upside down and its location is on the top edge of the grid. Luckily, your balls will not be affected by gravity.

Instead, the balls move upward once released from the field. Your job is to simply choose the suitable area in the given field outlined by a red rectangle with the goal to release the colored balls that will fit into the cup. The balls sprinkle from the position that you chose. It's also crucial to make sure that the container only fills to the level of the dotted line. Once overfilled, the stage will end without a success record. Also, it's advisable to stop filling once you find the area turns green.

Don't leave any ball outside the frame or any off the edge. This game will be easy at first since the dotted area is still big. As it shrinks and diminishes significantly in size, you will find the levels above 10 much tougher to crack. New obstacles and other challenges will emerge when you reach the higher levels, which makes this game from more challenging and interesting. Should you look for more games with the same themes and rules, feel free to take a look at some of our famous choices such as Cube Flip and Water Sort Puzzle

Instructions: Click at the dotted area to release the balls.