Water Sort Puzzle

ABCya puzzle games  collection includes some of the latest and trendy games that you will find much more interesting as well as challenging than the old-schooled puzzles. This time, the game called Water Sort Puzzle is one of the most popular among the bunch, therefore, spare some time and enjoy this amazing game right now! Your job is to make sure that all the liquid stores in its correct tubes. However, all these different colors of liquid are accidentally mixed up. In each bottle, four or five different types are stacking up.

The goal is to find a way to separate all the liquid by color without spilling the whole bottle or overfilling any. Another rule is that any bottle you filled will be removed off the screen and no longer accept liquid anymore. This game is for the intelligent and smart kids who can figure out the best way to deliver the result without missing out on any colored liquid. First, take your time to control the scene and see for yourself how many colors there are.

Then, once you are ready, start taking care of the first layers of liquid first. The matching liquid will emerge so that you can pull the whole thing without having to worry about them separating. But be careful as there will be tons of colors that can be mistaken and different bottle sizes. Let's show the world how smart you are by solving these challenging and fresh puzzles from the website of https://abcya4.net/. Be creative and think outside of the box to find the smartest way without breaking the game rules. While you are checking out the list, don't forget to try out some puzzles and quizzes with brand new themes such as Golden Scarabeaus and Dr. Panda Airport

Instructions: Click and drag the bottle to transfer liquid.