Hole Vs Bombs

Hole Vs Bombs will be one of the most satisfying interactive games that are in the collection of https://abcya4.net/. The players get to control one huge hole that can move and suck any blocks into it. The players are in control of the hole and can choose to move it towards the direction of any available blocks. The more you move, the more chances of sucking plenty of blocks. As you are still new to the game, the first few levels will be easy for you to start the game slowly. Once the bombs start showing on the screen, you will need to be much more careful and avoid getting the bombs inside the hole.

Even if one bomb gets into the hole, the game will be over as it exploded immediately. 100 default levels are available for your enjoyment, however, you should keep in mind to always steer clear of the bombs. They will explode and overthrow any yellow blocks that you have been able to gather from the beginning of this ABCya 4 exclusive game. Train your mobility and sense of direction so that you can thrive in this 3D casual game!

Top players have shared their scores on the Leaderboard but there are still spaces for more! As you move on the grid, you will find that these yellow blocks are stacked differently depending on the layout and the stage. Break the shapes and gather them before continue to avoid the bombs. The world of games consists of the most unique choices such as Brave Warriors and Ladder Race, each with its exciting and interesting gameplay, none with duplication. Are you ready to open up your favorite basket and emerge in this new gaming world?

Controlling keys: Control the movement and move the hole using the left mouse cursor.