Ladder Race

Ladder Race will bring a new version of a racing game with the use of ladders! This will be the new theme and unique gameplay to add to the collection at ABCya 4. The players will compete against tons of online players from all around the world in one coordinated tournament. To win, you need to gather sticks that are scattered around the platform, use them to build ladders with the perfect length. Only by collecting enough sticks and building a suitable ladder will you be able to climb through the huge blocks standing in your way. By moving from one block to another, you can progress in the game and meet more obstacles.

There will be a finish line that you need to reach in order to complete each stage before the others. It's a long run, therefore, do your best to create the ladders to your advantage. Some other tasks that you need to accomplish are dodge obstacles, jump over fences, pave roads, and score a ton! If you can leave and collect as many sticks as possible per stage, there will be more chances to leave your mark as the highest record on the Leaderboard! First, start running and locate the position of wooden sticks.

Collect them to create the ladder in the courses. Let's use a suitable number of sticks for each ladder so that you will not waste any piece. Don't let any other player outpace you in this intense race at It's will not be easy to top the ranking at first as you are still a newbie in comparison to others, but your skills will improve quickly if you practice more with other equally-cool games like Cursed Treasure 2 and Rubberband Cutting!

Controlling keys: Control and collect the wooden sticks to build ladders using the left mouse button.