Cursed Treasure 2

As one of the knights and a member of the good heroes, your job in Cursed Treasure 2 is to help the King guard this special hidden treasure. There will be lots of evil soldiers, pirates, and others trying to get to it, but they will have to go through you first. Good heroes in this ABCya free game will carry out the tasks using given resources and build towers, infrastructure. You will also cast the spells to defeat the others and follow any instructions of the King himself. Pay attention because the evils are hungry for gems more than ever, therefore, it's best if you can update a strong defense line to avoid being attacked.

Another goal of this game is to make sure none of them can lay a finger on the gems. Once they do, your gems will be taken away. To sum up, you will have to protect the King's base and the gems as well. Some infrastructure will have a superpower and soldiers to stop the invaders, such as the Den, Crypt, or the Temple. Take advantage of your powerful spells like Terror or Meteor spells to win faster. Let's start exploring and learn the effect of each spell. Only by using them at the correct moments will you be able to win the game fast and efficiently.

Speed is also of the essence as the faster you clear the game, the more chance you have to explore more games like Rubberband Cutting and Sniper Stag Hunter. from the stores at We provide some best hotkeys that you can flexibly control the characters and move through the platform easier.

Controls: Use key 1 to build Den, 2 to build Crypt, 3 to build Temple, W key to cast Terror spell, E to cast Meteor spell, spacebar for 3x speed, act and attack with Z, X, T keys.