Rubberband Cutting

Another addition to the collection of stress-relieving games from ABCya games for kids is here to allow you to have enjoyable gameplay! This game called Rubberband Cutting will soon become one of your favorite decompression games that can be played anytime, anywhere. Not only do the children can freely enjoy this one but the adults can also take some steam off after a long day at work thanks to this satisfying game. Your job is to go through a total of 30 levels that are filled with items covered in a rubber band.

Your job is to cut off the rubber band and make sure that they are all released from their original placement! The goal is to simply disassemble the rubberband by cutting as the item slowly rotates around its axis. Once you manage to release the item from the original state, the level is completed. The knife given to you to cut the rubberband is so sharp that it can cut three or even more rubber bands with a simple stroke. Don't worry if there are more layers as you progress throughout the game. Keep your consistency by cutting continuously and don't stop! The lines will open up easily and give you more space to keep cutting.

This casual game comes with a 3D graphic and a colorful set of rubber bands that will keep on piling as you go up on higher levels. There are tons of hidden items that are waiting for you to free from the tangle of rubber bands. Continue the journey of exploring tons of other free and relaxing games such as Sniper Stag Hunter and Stick Duel Medieval Wars at the website of! You can even stack up more games to your favorite list and have a blast!

How to play Rubberband Cutting: Cut the rubber bands using the mouse cursor.