Brave Warriors

All these monsters, valleys of devils, new enemies, and more obstacles can't defeat the strongest Brave Warriors! Are you ready to train and prepare yourself to encounter all these challenges in a brand new ABCya adventure game? As this is a platform and running game, your main goal is to collect the coins and dodge the obstacles to keep the main character alive as you dash through the level. Each stage has a different layout, however, since it remains a 2D side-scroller gameplay, you will experience the same features as the classic Super Mario.

As you move your character to the right side, the screen moves accordingly. Pay attention to the obstacles and enemies showing up in these 6 levels and choose the best path to go. As long as you manage to reach the final gate, it doesn't matter which path you choose. The players get to play the role of a brave warrior and conquer the tasks of eliminating all the monsters from the kingdom. By choosing your character among the 2 available options, you can start the game. Unlock new levels by finishing the previous one and continue on this high-quality game.

If you enjoy action-packed gameplay with more than just one simple trap, the collection of gaps, holes, spikes, blocks, monsters, and other closed doors in this game will be your favorite. Use your stick and swing it to kill the monsters and protect yourself while searching for new hidden objects in this game at Our collection is filled to the brim with plenty of good gaming selections, but feel free to check out the games like Ladder Race and Cursed Treasure 2 first if you can't decide on which to play.

How to control the character: Use WASD or arrow keys to move and W to attack the monsters with the stick.