Cube Flip

Go on with your time-consuming fun games and enjoy this new gaming selection of Cube Flip from ABCya free games. This brand new selection is a combination of classic grid puzzle games and arcade games, which brings quite an enjoyable new version. Your goal is to successfully fill the grid by flipping the cube from one side to another. Keep in mind that depending on the layout of the grid, you need to adjust the movement and the moving strategy for the cube so as not to miss out on any space.

This game differs from other challenging and mind-wrecking puzzle games. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy these proper difficulty levels and colorful visuals of this updated version of games. While assembling the pieces, listen to the background filled with relaxing music which will be perfect to keep you focused. Choose a suitable moving direction and path to avoid getting stuck. If you don't come up with a strategy beforehand, there are chances that you will not be able to fill the blanks. The best players shall be able to collect all these colored squares and unlock the final exit door, which is a grey tile. Another obstacle that you should pay attention to is the spike, which will pop up on some random tiles. Avoid them and steer clear of those paths at all costs! On the occasion that you get stuck, feel free to start over the game and discover another way to win!

There is no limitation on how many times you can replay and brainstorm with these free levels, keep increasing your scores and improve your records! At, there will be new games that vary in themes, rules, graphics, and design every day. Check out some most popular such as Water Sort Puzzle and Golden Scarabeaus!

Instructions: Flip and move the cube using the arrows or WASD.