Whack A Mole With Buddies

There are more than just one target in this hitting game of Whack A Mole With Buddies - the new gaming option from ABCya kid game list that is fun and thrilling with the fast-paced movement of the moles. Keep your eyes on all the moles on the board to see which one can be the first suitable target. As the moles pop up and down constantly in a fast speed, you will have to observe and reflex quickly to catch them.

The overall goal is to whack the moles on the grid as fast as you can. The rules of the game is that the players can hit the moles with a construction cap twice. Once you manage to hit them twice, the hitted one shall automatically get removed from the board. If you can hit moles with the Viking caps imprinted on them three times, they will be removed as well.

These special Viking caps make it harder to clear the moles, so stay focused and get to the required number of hit that is necessary to clear them all off the board. As the game comes with two game modes of private mode or opponent mode, you need to beat the opponent's score in order to win the combat. Explore the special design of responsive screen and the top-tier graphics for a special game with emojis to communicate with your opponent.

The highlight of the game is the private mode that is available for you to explore if you require a private space to compete with your friends! Enjoy this PvP styled game and make your way to the top of the Leaderboard in more games like Adopt a Pet Jigsaw later! Tons of free games as well as the competitive choices are available at https://abcya4.net/ for your entertainment.


Use the mouse to control and hit the moles.

You can play using the touchpad on mobiles.