Nextbot: Can You Escape?

Finding the way out of this dangerous and scary next-bot world will not be easy, however, we believe that you will be able to make it thanks to your talented skill set. Learn how to maneuver around the maze and survive the chase here in Nextbot: Can You Escape? from ABCya land! With the theme of a horror and interactive game, you will get to experience the realistic first-person view in which the players are directly interacting, choosing, touching, and moving in the game.

To survive long enough to search for the exit door, you need to be smart and fast-paced. Nextbots operate like killer robots and they will simply chase you to capture. The goal is to find the available and helpful tools, weapons, and keys to unlock doors, climb down the ladder or move through the hall to get to the safe spot without being caught. Upon making close contact with you, Nextbot will hit and try to knock you away, instantly killing you, therefore, pay attention to the surroundings and run when you spot these dangers.

These robots do not suffer from any cooldown and it gives them the ability to wipe out multiple humans at once. Stay safe and utilize your wisdom as well as eye-hand coordination to win this game with thrilling gameplay now! 3D interaction will keep you hooked for hours on end, with the most lively sounds, background noise, and vibration. It might be a bit hard to maneuver the view using your mouse and move with it at the same time at first. Other similar games such as Stick Hero - Mighty Tower Wars and Super Samurai will be the suitable choice for your next gaming venture! There'll always be a choice of game genres for kids of all ages, so hit them up!

Instruction keys: Use the mouse cursor to move and interact with the items.