Idle Pet Business

It's your chance to practice managing the business of Idle Pet Business in which you can keep expanding and growing! If you have always wanted to try out the dream of becoming a pet store owner, this ABCya 2022 game will be the perfect option for you to enjoy in a virtual space. The best players might even claim the title of a pet store tycoon billionaire thanks to the non-stop income!

The game allows the players to create, grow and continue to expand their unique pet shop from a tiny plot at the beginning of the game. Keep purchasing new tools, blocks, and upgrades, and take care of pets to earn coins. The more pets and more diverse your pets are, the higher your rate of earnings will be. When you reach further progress, you can unlock the other pets available in the store!

The improvement of the list will help to improve the yield and idle income, which is automatically generated while you are away. Log in on a daily basis to keep track of the earned amount and continue to monitor the business to make it bigger and bigger! This game has also been viral thanks to the most beautiful pet store-themed graphics, and adorable animation of pets such as cats, dogs, goldfish, hamsters, parrots, and plenty of others!

The game also has a function of virtual social media that you can use to boost your pet store earnings and increase its popularity. Keep an eye on new investors as they can help you to acquire your new pet store sooner. Enjoy this responsive gameplay available for kids of all ages on both mobiles and PC anytime that you have an internet connection! For more similar-themed games, why don't you take a look at some popular choices such as Grass Cut Master here at

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