Opel GT Slide

Opel GT Slide - the new ABCya 4 kid game is all about arranging the puzzle pieces with the fastest speed in order to create the most representative of the original images. Not only is this a fun puzzle game with easy-to-understand gameplay but you can also enjoy the collection of luxury car models while puzzling. There will be three special car models and its 3 latest pictures used for arranging. First, find the visualization of these 3 models on the screen.

Try your best to memorize the positions of the pieces as well as the original image so that you can successfully rearrange the messily-arranged pieces in time. Try to observe the shape of the images and the cars so that you can recreate the assembly in the most efficient way. As you progress in this game, the difficulty level will increase significantly to make it tougher to crack and harder to finish within the time bounds. Some prominent elements that make the game addictive and interesting for kids of all ages are the high-quality graphics, beautiful designs of cars, no interruption, and easy-to-understand gameplay.

The rules are pretty easy to grasp, therefore, it's a good choice for sharing with your friends during the short break. You might find yourself emerge in the gameplay as soon as you start sliding the very first piece and manage to finish your first mission. Keep on exploring tons of puzzles, quizzes, and jigsaws such as Don't Miss and Sliding Blocks, all of which are available for free in our collection at https://abcya4.net/. There is no need to worry about the loading speed, advertising or costs while enjoying these gaming selections. Enhance your sharp observation while dealing with many puzzle pieces and break all the records in this game immediately!

Controlling keys: Click and drag the left button to move the pieces.