Blocku Golf

Blocku Golf brings back the basic yet incredibly competitive gameplay of miniature golf, with an in-house version that you can play online anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Keep your eyes on the ball in this ABCya 4 online game and control the path to make it move toward the right hole. There is one goal set for all levels, which is to put the golf ball into the hole within the shortest timeframe and using the least number of moves.

There is a limitation on how many moves you can use and control per challenge, so don't waste any chance or drop the ball. You can start the game with the few first simple challenges to help the kids grasp the basics of the game faster. Compete with online friends and your friends on the tougher levels once you have mastered the art of controlling this ball.

Not only is this an elaborated sports game that you can thrive during the playtime but it also brings tons of unique levels and layouts. The hole position shall change, as well as the number of attempts given to you per stage. Steer clear of the annoying blocks, spikes, sharp wheels that might put your ball to the ground, a sharp saw, and other newly added items on the path.

Don't let anything interfere with the golf ball's flying route and make sure you can conquer all levels in this minimal game at Feel free to tap on any games that you can find in the list such as  or Hoops Champ 3D, both with a similar theme to your current choice.


Click on the screen to hold the ball midair and remove it to let the ball continue to move.

Drag the cursor in the opposite direction to prepare for a throw.