Flowers Blocks Collapse

Block games get an unexpected update with Flowers Blocks Collapse, a new ABCya 4 gaming selection for kids who enjoy a good game of puzzles. With the classic block collapse mechanism, this new game brings simple-to-understand gameplay but it's quite hard to master. Following the endless game mode, the players can keep the challenge going with a non-stop flow of flower blocks on the board. There is only one rule that newbies should keep in mind, which is to gather the pieces with similar icons.

Spot the group of similar-typed blocks before deciding to collapse them. As you remove more and more blocks from the board, new blank space pops up providing chances for new pieces to set up on it. Keep the game going by continuing to spot a minimum of 2 similar blocks. As you progress through this game, let's enhance the technique and go for a group of more than 3 pieces instead for higher rewards and more coins. Either go with horizontal blocks or vertical ones for a straight line that you can scrape off the board. Of course, should the flower blocks stack up and reach the top of the board, the stage will be over immediately. Pay extra attention to the boosters and power-ups that scatter or float in the board to capture them to your advantage. You might even gain some scores, a clear line or row, and other cool items in this game at!

The new row will be added to the bottom part, which in turn pushes the above rows and scramble your layout, therefore, it's best to come up with a strategy for removing the possible pieces. Combos are efficient to use when clearing rows or columns of more than 5 blocks since it increases the scores significantly. Keep tackling other puzzles with different themes and unique storylines such as Scrape And Guess and Fit Em All!

Instructions: Click to choose and match the flower blocks.