Scrape And Guess

Scrape And Guess is one of the most satisfying games for kids who are learning to distinguish images or words. The mechanism of this game allows you to scrape off some parts of the area to expose some hints. You can see some sliver of images or words showing up after you scrape the area off.

As the name of this ABCya 4 game is Scrape And Guess, you will have to guess the picture and what it is about using the few hints that you get. This means that it's very important to choose a suitable piece to scrape off as it might show the main character of the whole image easily, so take your time when it comes to picking the piece. There will be some guidance as letters at the bottom of the page so that you can rely on them to make your guess more precise.

There are two available languages at the moment that the players can select: English and Turkish. The satisfaction while scraping off the grey area is enjoyable, as well as the relaxing features of puzzle games that are embedded in the game. You can use your wisdom and some information that you get to predict and make your guess.

It would be great if you can spot the image from the first few hints, right? However, keep in mind that the score for rewards will slowly decrease with every scrape you make. The less stroke you use, the higher your scores are. Come to visit and learn how to solve other types of puzzles, quizzes, and problems with the games such as Fit Em All and Tower Of Colors Island Edition!

How to play the game: Use your mouse cursor and move it from the left to the right to scrape the middle gray area. Use the finger for tablet or mobile phone.