Soldier Bridge

A solid stick is all that the soldier in Soldier Bridge has, but that should be enough to help him hop from one pole to another. The journey to reach the final destination fills with the scariest dangers and monsters underneath the safe poles so the hero in this ABCya online game needs to avoid falling down the gaps using the stick. The way to do it right here in Soldier Bridge is to build bridges that will transition through the highest cliffs.

The goal is to adjust the length of the stick and build a temporary bridge from it. Since it's not permanent, the moment that the hero lands on the next pole, the stick will automatically disappear and start sticking to the next one. To avoid falling into the deadly traps which are the gaps, you will have to stop the stick from expanding at the right moments. One second slower or faster will make all the differences since the hero can fall immediately. The game has an endless theme so the kids can enjoy it for as long as they like. Will you be able to estimate the gap using so little information and in a short time frame?

Don't leave the bridge too long or too short because that will be the end of your policeman's journey. In case you make one wrong move, we will calculate the record for the finished part and then allow you to start all over. It's such a simple yet addictive game that you will not be able to get your eyes off the screen once you start the game at Will you prepare your tools and get on with more games like Shootout Bender and Ranger Action?

Controlling keys: Click and hold the left mouse or tap on the screen to build bridges.