Tower Of Colors Island Edition

A vast green beach is a great place for you to experience the challenge. It's fun that you can participate in this game to explore newer lands together. Shoot all the balls to match the colors of the blocks on the tower. This is a very tall tower. The game Tower Of Colors Island Edition at abcya 4 free will give a surprising ball color.

Please rotate the tower if there is no block in front of you with the same color as that ball. When detecting a block of the same color, you need to shoot the ball quickly to be able to knock all these blocks over. Every time you shoot correctly and collect blocks, the tower will automatically lower.

Be quick to be able to find the best points and collect them together to bring yourself many broken blocks. Use as well as increase your power to shoot the ball even more accurately. When there are probably no more blocks left, you will unlock the next many levels. When you can finish in front you can join the game by the middle of a large sea is a very wonderful thing. While playing the game while watching the surroundings. How smart are you? Along confirm your intelligence in this task for everyone to see.

Try to top the rankings without anyone competing for this position with you. Because you are an outstanding person. Quickly invite your friends to join the game Tower Of Colors Island Edition at to become the best players to participate in block shooting games with very new and unique gameplay. You will have a lot of new fun allowing yourself to participate in some other interesting games like Draw Missing Part Puzzle and Number Maze

Control: Use mouse to rotate the tower together and shoot the fastest.