Fit Em All

Complete a lot of photos that the player accidentally breaks. This is a photo restoration shop. So you are the shop owner. Let's restore all the broken photos. Then complete and earn back a very high amount. Join now on the game Fit Em All at abcya4 games to take on this very new challenge. There is a picture of a broken house. You will need to cut pieces around the given game to assemble and form a complete image. You need to think first about which piece is the best fit. Then run to the next piece.

Participate in this game to restore a lot of different photos and help players regain memories. Earn yourself a high amount through lots of levels. Move as many pieces of the puzzle in the right place as possible and complete the most successful picture. You will get paid storefront decorations when you finish it as it was. Your customers will feel happy and satisfied with what you accomplish. Become a shop owner who makes a lot of money through this profession. Don't miss a lot of fun in the levels behind.

This game does not ask you on time. You can unleash your imagination to create many more amazing images while participating in the mission. Why is such a fun game Fit Em All at you don't share with your friends to become the best photo fixer. Started adding a few other similar game genres Tower Of Colors Island Edition and Draw Missing Part Puzzle

Control: Use mouse to compose lots of shots.