Circuit Car Racing

Circuit Car Racing takes the players to another top-notch match of battle here at ABCya racing land where your racing skills and driving technique get to shine. The goal is to participate in the match and get the 1st position for all rounds. If you are ready, start to partake in this race and learn how to control the car. In a new race, everything will revolve around the adrenaline rush and how you take over the work of racing while trying to stay alive.

Race once the signal shows and do your best to drift, move, accelerate, and conquer the top position. Once you hit the gas pedal, the car moves according to your driving technique. There is a whole race ahead of you with more than ten levels that you can freely swerve. In order to get 1st place in every race, you will have to overcome the other players, hit the destination mark, and try to perform the most efficient drift possible.

Moreover, you can use the booster and coins gathered by winning the previous levels. Make sure to try and keep your car in one piece. Hitting the other cars is not necessary for this one as the main goal remains to cross the finish line as soon as possible.

In-circuit racing lines with more than one challenging curve and tons of points that require drifting, how will your technique and tactics pan out? Let's try to make the best out of every chance to overcome and bypass the other players in this game from! Don't forget about our huge stack of games with a similar racing theme such as SUV Snow Driving 3D and Snow Rider 3D!

How to control the car:

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to drive and the spacebar to use the brake.