Snow Rider 3D

If you are confident with the basic sports games online, this new racing game of Snow Rider 3D will be a great choice to spice up the cold winter holiday from your living room! Enjoy the virtual setting and platform of this 3D game that allows the kids to feel the realistic experience of sliding down the ice slope. Your job is to take on the jolly ride down the sleigh and make sure that your sleigh will be the last one standing in the winter land!

The main task of balancing the sleigh involves controlling both the direction and the acceleration of your main vehicles. The hills will get steeper as you progress throughout the time of one journey, therefore, it's crucial to stay focused and stay alert to keep track of new objects. The main objects that will stand in your way of winning the game are the crowded trees.

Scattered gift boxes are hidden near the trees but it will not be easy to grab them. Either you get brave and slide nearer to the tree branch to grab the boxes or steer clear of them to stay intact. Choose the tactics and strategy based on your advantage so that you can gather the top scores in these challenges at!

Stay in the main lanes and stick to the middle road if you are a newbie who has just learned how to control the sleigh. If you are already an advanced player, go ahead and slide further to both sides to make the game more exciting and thrilling. Would you like to explore more genres and unique game themes such as Diving In The Pacific and Uphill Rush 10 with other equally fun online games? Click on any item that catches your eyes here and embrace the fun time!

Controls: Use arrow keys to move the sleigh.