Bloo Kid 2

Bloo Kid and Pink Girl enjoy life with their newborn "Pink Kid" after saving his girlfriend from the evil wizard. But then, right out of the bloo, a whole new adventure begins... Bloo Kid 2 is a traditional 2D retro-style platformer with beautifully designed pixel graphics and a full chiptune soundtrack. Run, jump, and swim your way through FIVE massive worlds, each with twelve levels. In the world of Bloo Kid 2, master brutal bossfights and uncover numerous secrets.

Such a unique-themed game with a high-quality design for an endless journey will be a perfect option to let you relax after your day. Find yourself emerging in other new worlds, new characters, and brilliant adventures like Bloo Kid at abcya 4th! Have fun!

Controling key:

The game can be controlled with the arrow buttons or the onscreen controls.

Press Left / Right to move

Press Up to jump

Press Down to leave platforms

Press Up while in the air for a double jump

Press Up while in water to swim

Destroy enemies by jumping on them