The Runaway Cats

In this game of The Runaway Cats from ABCya kid game, your main mission will be to distribute the scattered grass tiles to prevent your cats from running away. It's a fun puzzle with an elaborate storyline where the main characters are these adorable cats! Your beautiful garden is filled with butterflies, flowers, and adorable items, however, your cat is always looking for a way to bypass the garden and get out to play. Since tons of dangerous thieves are waiting outside the garden to capture the cats, we need you to protect them by all means and prevent the cats from getting out!

This task will involve closing down any openings or available space that they can climb on or use to escape into the garden. First, you need to understand the garden's layout and how the pieces are placed. Learn how to place the grass blocks on the field in your chosen spots to create a blockage and prevent them from going through them easily. If you manage to place grass blocks in a closed circle, you will be able to trap the cats.

The variety of levels and difficulty stagings are many to keep the players entertained and hooked thanks to great animation, cool graphics, and the best upgrades for the in-game store. Only by passing each level will you be able to unlock a new one. Will you be able to follow up and adapt to the layout of the much harder difficult levels? Find the best solution and order to input the grass. We have plenty of other puzzle games with similar themes and gameplay that you can enjoy such as OMG Word Professor and Bubble Shooter Online from!

Game controls:

Control the grass tiles and input them into the garden using the touchpad or left mouse button.