Angry Cat Shot

Angry Cat Shot will be a great additional choice if you are searching for a game that can be played for a long time with a slow increase in difficulty levels. Not only will the gameplay be addictive for you but the challenge is quite something. Your creative thinking and problem-solving techniques will be tested to the maximum as this ABCya 4 game is all about finding the best path.

To win more levels in this game, the players must think of the best direction and force to shoot the cat. The goal is to make it jump through all the rings that are made of tree branches and lovely leaves from the forest and pass all the levels. If the cat touches or comes in the slightest contact with the ring, the game will be over despite your effort. Keep in mind two crucial rules of capturing the golden stars and avoiding the rings to clear the stages without any hassling. An arbalest is your weapon and tool to control. As you drag the cat behind from its position, you will find a guided white-dotted line that will help you to estimate the route that the cat will fly toward. Use this assistance wisely when it comes to the stages with obstacles, blocks, and platforms of different heights.

Whatever you do, the game still relies on your estimation skills and soft movement while controlling the elements that will affect the final result. This game is available at with a feature that allows you to go fullscreen or change the adaptive mouse cursor. Share more cool games of your type with friends and family during this holiday such as Rummikub and Hidden Objects Superthief

Controlling keys: Use the mouse cursor to drag and shoot the cat. Touch or tap on the screen for tablet and mobile users.