Hidden Objects Superthief

A famous thief from abcya 4 land is notorious for her successful gig of capturing the most famous artifacts and valuables from the city. We are giving you a chance to become her assistant for a day and learn what it takes to carry out such a mission. Different missions from multiple clients will be given to you at the beginning of each level. Despite the sceneries and the scene changes, the rules in all the stages remain unchanged. You will need to search each location, ranging from the mansions, museums, foundries, galleries, and such to locate the required items and snatch them before the alarm goes off.

There will be countless opportunities for you to gather the valuable artifacts and ancient pieces as well as you follow the guidance well enough. Search in all scenes to spot the items that are on the list you received from the client. The only way to pass one level and move onto the next is by succeeding in spotting all of the requirements on the list. Special equipment and boosters will be hidden and kept here and there as well. Find them to get yourself some advantage and support in locating the items amidst this mess from https://abcya4.net/

One of the most difficult elements of this game must be the change of layout per level that will require you to take time to figure it out again and again. The faster you manage to finish the missions, the higher your rewards will be. The rank in this game is star-based, therefore, it'll bring more scores if you try to capture all the stars during your journey. More games with great storylines like Bubble Game 3: Christmas Edition and 1010 Animals Tetriz will also spice up your free time with the best graphics, so don't miss out on this chance!

Controls: Click and use the mouse to control the character.