Zorb Battle

With different rooms at Zorb Battle, players will participate in this online game with other players. Face the battle to survive. ABCya4 action games always contain many surprises. Stay away from your opponents or collect balls to get bigger and bigger and you can fight with smaller bubbles. Collect growth balls to grow, power up balls to get stronger, and win the game. Do not move beyond the position within the red circle.

This game has attracted many players to participate in their spare time without being bothered by any factors. Don't miss your game moment. Move through different positions in the circle and destroy your opponents. With the best players, they will quickly take down the smaller players. The bubble that surrounds you is getting bigger and bigger. Try to survive and win the hardest levels with opponents better than you.

You can only get bigger when you collect the most balls that appear on the move. Pop your opponent's bubbles if you are bigger than them and remember to stay away from the bubbles that are bigger than you. If you have managed to find this io game at https://abcya4.net/, join and try to overcome all the challenges in no time.

Share the game with your friends so they too have a chance to relax without any effort. Survive with your skills. We constantly update the latest games for players around the world. Therefore, you can enjoy the moment of victory at any time. Use the most flexible move tip to complete your mission. New games similar to this game are also updated daily by us such as Jurassic Theft and Heroball Adventures

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to move and collect balls.