Jurassic Theft

Be extra careful with dinosaurs as you steal their eggs in dinosaur land. Jurassic Theft contains many different levels that players need to pass. The world of ABCya action games about dinosaurs is always updated. Try to steal some precious eggs from dinosaurs. The professor traveled back in time to the Jurassic period to steal dinosaur eggs. You need to collect all the eggs you can find while keeping the professor alive in this dangerous dinosaur-filled environment. Velociraptors patrolling the land,

Mosasaurus in the water and Pterodactyls in the sky, and giant T-rex running around can eat you at any moment. Do not worry. Your help will help the professor complete the tasks. Obstacles are unstoppable. Jump up the stairs to avoid them. The vast world of dinosaurs is fulfilling your dream of exploring Jura park. Take the time to discover the new level that we have updated for players around the world. You can't miss any game as exciting as this one. The unique content of this game attracts many players to join and win. Move carefully through the land of dinosaurs.

The number of dinosaur eggs in each level is different. Be braver to face them and help our professor realize his dream. This is a special game for the most demanding players. You will love this game space today. Unlock levels and expand the game world with more similar games at https://abcya4.net/. Update the list of new games with different themes in any of your favorite journeys. You will explore the largest game space now. The games we introduce to you are very special such as Heroball Adventures and Domie Love Pranking

Controls: Use WAD or arrow keys