Idle Pizza Empire

Take over the business as the owner and try to become the best at pizza making and selling here at ABCya 4 kid game! Not only will you get the chance to become a restaurant tycoon where pizza is your main income but you will also be able to choose which building to tackle. The more factory and pizzas you can make, the more money you can earn. This new game Idle Pizza Empire is all about assembling what you need to build a business earning from baking and selling pizzas.

You can control all the staff from the kitchen cook, and the delivery man, to others to level up and get rich in this idle game! Thanks to the simulation gameplay, enjoy making money by cooking pizzas on time and investing with your earned points. It's crucial for the players to try and increase their productivity with more automatically working managers as they will assist in automating the workflow a lot.

Could you incorporate your pizza-making skills and become the pizza master in this game from Idle games are great options for a good entertainment time with addictive and repetitive, yet progressing, gameplay. If you are ambitious to become a pizza restaurant tycoon, try to take over as many buildings as possible to expand the coverage of your business!

We are searching for a talented business owner who can upgrade their chain of pizza-creating infrastructure and make a fortune from it! More games like Make Eclairs PastryIdle Diner Restaurant can be your next favorite selection from the cooking-themed collection, as they all have amazing gameplay. How about a bit of pizza making to spice up your day now?

How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to choose which character to interact with and control.
Change the camera direction by holding down the left mouse button or swiping on mobiles and tablets.