1010 Animals Tetriz

1010 animals Tetriz will soon become one of your favorite on the gaming list of ABCya online thanks to the updated gameplay and classic rules. This game is a spin-off of the famous Tetris, therefore, the rules and the goal remain unchanged. You will still try to put all the given blocks of Tetris on the left column of the screen to the grid in order to create as many full lines as possible.

The players can create a full line by putting the blocks in one line till the point that the whole line is filled up and there's no blank space. The line-up of upcoming pieces will be shown on the left side so that the players can plan the placement of the next 4 pieces. Choose the blocks from the left panels when you are ready and put them on the board wherever you like. It's best if you can think of the place to put the next pieces to make full use of the grid and get control of the board.

If you can create a horizontal or vertical line with a full set of 10 blocks, the lines will be eliminated from the grid automatically. There are two ways you can choose to play this game. Either stack many blocks into the grid to the point that most of them will fill up to the brim and then eliminate the lines, or slowly clear out the lines one by one from the bottom to the top. Whichever creative method that you choose to use, feel free to explore and experience this game with no restriction! Such a high-quality game from https://abcya4.net/ with colorful graphics and pretty animal images will be a great addition to your collection and for sharing with friends. Come and challenge your skills with jigsaws, puzzles, and other problem-solving games like Magnificent Tower and Braindom

Instructions: Use the mouse to drag the blocks and place them.