Magnificent Tower

Magnificent Tower from ABCya kid games is a combination of endurance, great timing, perfect reflex, and many other techniques! Only the best players can carry out the tasks for the longest time possible and gather the most scores. Do you know that the highest score ranges include only the best players on the Leaderboard? Try to keep on stacking the blocks so that your tower can be one of the most magnificent towers in town, just like the name of the game. The rule is very simple, which is to keep on stacking the blocks until when you drop them all. Tap to drop the block onto the previous stack.

There will be a limitation on the width of the block depending on the previous stack that you manage to gather. Make sure that you take the narrow width into consideration and choose the perfect timing to drop the floor. The floor will be dangling from one side to another on a crane that is controlled by you. Let's see how many new office floors can you construct within the progress of this game at Time your placements and make the new block fit the previous one to gain maximum rewards for each stage.

Some new power-ups will be unlocked for you later such as Reverse, Insurance, and Reverse, each with its unique power. Enjoy this game with exclusive design and impressive graphic works for kids of all ages and even adults. You can have a relaxing time with this simple game without having to worry about saving your progress or time constraints. Keep on going with your task until when the last blocks get out of the frame and you can't stack it on the perfect edge anymore. Would you like a chance to explore more free and easy-to-play games like Braindom and Best Link from our collection?

Instructions: Tap or click on the screen to drop the blocks.