Braindom is an unusual puzzle game in which the answers are not what you expected to be. The questions change depending on the stage and difficulty level. Various types of questions will be demonstrated to test your thinking skills. No matter which type you are given, you will have to come up with a solution to it. Most of the questions are normal questions, but the answers are not so much. In fact, for this ABCya game, strange answers tend to be the most suitable ones. The goal is to solve the problem in the fastest and smartest way, not the most appropriate way. Open up your mind and change the way that you usually think.

There is no specific answer that is fixed. It all depends on your creative thinking and imagination. There will be some numerical questions, interactive questions, and other genres. Answer options will be provided to you for selection, or you will have to come up with a solution and demonstrate it. Change the way that you solve each one and consider all the elements that might affect the outcome. It's a 2D vibrant and animated graphic design that will bring the best experience for the fans of puzzle games. This game is one of the newly added ones to our collection at to make sure that the players can freely enjoy all of the different genres and topics of games as they wish.

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How to play: Click or interact with the items in the game using the mouse cursor.