Sports Match 3 Deluxe

It's not a typical game collection from ABCya games without a new additional choice of matching games! This time, prepare to spot all the hidden and moving sports items on the board and make sure that you can match them as fast as possible. For newbies, you can totally enjoy this new game called Sports Match 3 Deluxe without worrying about the difficult rules or complicated gameplay since there will be a small introduction for you. Also, the main goal is very simple, which is to find and match three or more identical sports equipment that is placed close to each other.

Clear the level's requirements and reach the highest goal possible to maintain your top rank on the Leaderboard. At first, you need to match and move the pieces by yourself without any assistance to make sure that you grasp the basics of the game. Once you reach higher levels, the game rewards you with some unlocked items such as the hourglass-shaped bombs that can give you some more seconds, the jolly icon that will help blow up a whole line for you. Of course, the difficulty level increase throughout this game in a way that the players have to face more kinds of sports equipment on higher stages.

But don't get too rush while making any move because the game requires great accuracy in moving the pieces for matching. The graphic design is very bright and user-friendly so that even little kids can learn how to play and enjoy it. Keep yourself addicted to plenty of new genres of games from our website such as Cross Path and Game Candy Love Match

How to play: Choose the pieces and switch their positions for matching using the left mouse button. Feel free to replay the failed levels as many times as you'd like so that you can enhance the overall performance and techniques!