Piggy In The Puddle Christmas

Getting this tiny swine through the obstacles that prevent him from rolling into the tub full of mud at Piggy In The Puddle Christmas! This season at ABCya 4 land, the piggy needs you to help him clear the way, touch on necessary items, remove obstacles, and more to complete the goal of satisfactory rolling into the mud. He has a little special skill that allows him to change from a square shape to a round shape and vice versa. Keep in mind that once in round shape, he will be able to roll around freely.

Change back to square shape when you need a brake to stop him. Each player can control the pig and make it roll or stop on your cue. Can you see the layout of each stage? Those layouts are all different and they will test out your problem-solving technique. Choose the right corner and places to roll as well as what to dodge with the help of your Arctic friends. The seal, penguins, and many more will help you to open up new paths, doors, eliminate the dangerous spikes, lasers to make rolling down the mud easier. How long does it take for you to complete both missions of collecting the acorns and getting to the destination?

Use the hint or the help of other characters swiftly and wisely as you will need two or more assistance in difficult layouts! https://abcya4.net/ is full of entertaining and relaxing types of gaming selection like this one, so don't hesitate to spare some time for exploration with famous options like Angry Cat Shot and Rummikub. The best players on the Leaderboard have scored so high that their names are kept on the top. Will you be able to reach those high ranks as well?

Instructions: Click on the characters or the items to interact and change the shape of the piggy.