Supermarket Paws

Supermarket Paws allows pet lovers to join the lovely little kitten and his mother on today's exciting adventure at the supermarket! They will be exploring the new supermarket in town with lots of high racks, huge sections, lots of groceries, and plenty to buy. Are you ready for a trip to the mall and exploring a lively and colorful supermarket? It's an interactive engaging game for kids from our ABCya girl online games, where players enjoy lovely moments with the high-quality animated game! Let's help these kittens navigate through different sections of the store.

First, take a look at the list of items that you are going to get. It ranges widely from food, grocery, vegetables, clothing, fruits, and toys to hardware, furniture, and so on. Try to collect the required items for each stage as this is the way for you to complete tasks. After one successful stage, you can progress through each section and work on another one. It'll be hours of fun roaming the supermarket and emerging in the world of various products. Get the right product and item on each termite trip and don't forget to add all of them to the shopping cart for checkout later. Thanks to the cute animation and lovely background sound, your trip around the mall can be such a fun chore!

Discover other similar-themed games from the list such as Mike And Mia 1st Day At School or Little Lily St.Patricks Day Photo Shoot, but some of them will be a tad different in gameplay and setting. More and more items will be added to your list to make your next trip to the supermarket busier, so keep an eye on new items and search for the accordance section quickly! From the gaming list of, we hope that you can share the fun gaming selection with your friends and have a blast during the weekend! I

nstructions: Choose the item with the left mouse button.