Lots of familiar board games like Uno, Chess, or Solitaire have been remade with a virtual version on the collection of ABCya puzzle games. This time, we would like to invite the best players to enjoy a match of Backgammon, one of the classic board games with the well-known rules. The main rules remain unchanged as two players go head to head in a single match against each other. The one who manages to bear off the other's checkers off the board shall be the winning side.

However, each player has a total of 15 pieces, therefore, throwing your opponents off will not be easy as you have to protect your pieces as well. This game is one of the most ancient games that have a long history. The fifteen checkers can move on a map made of twenty-four triangles that have different points. You can move the checkers according to the roll of two dice. When you manage to roll a larger number from two dices, you can move the checkers further and attain more scores. The objective of the game is to think of the best way and come up with a strategy to lure your opponent and trick him or her.

The faster you remove the opponent's pieces, the higher your score will be. This puzzle game from is all about the ability to see two or three steps ahead, to make use of the dices, and to react quickly under many different circumstances. Keep pushing forward with witty moves and conquer plenty of other puzzles, a jigsaw, and fun games like Social Blackjack and Plant Love! Will your intelligence be enough to win this match of Backgammon?

How to play: Click and hold the left mouse to interact with the dices and move the checkers.