Social Blackjack

If you are looking for a classic card game, why don't go with Social Blackjack, the online version of the poker game from ABCya card games? It has the same rules as the classic poker, but there will be some twists that await for you inside. Instead of going against a full table of players, you will go head to head with only one player - the house in this game. Will you be able to win the smart CPU and collect all the chips? The first thing to do is to pick your appearance image as well as the name of yours.

Once everything is set, pick the number of chips and stake you will use for the hand. As the cards are dealt, place your bet amount and guess base on your cards and the others' cards. Only one of the opponent's cards will be shown to you, so think carefully and think of any possibilities. You can go with the double option, hit, split or surrender. However, keep in mind that once you surrender, you will lose all of your bet. It's a fast and brain-wrecking card game from the collection of where your card skills and estimating skills get to shine. Practice reading the table and the situation to make the best judgment for each round as it will determine whether you go home empty-handed or filthy rich!

For the fans of poker, this will be a perfect chance to upgrade the techniques without having to worry about losing money. This online game is available without any cost, along with more options for your free time such as Plant Love and Sporos

Instructions: Use the left mouse to choose the action and the cards that you want, interact using the mouse cursor.