Plant Love

Such a little tree like the one in Plant Love will need tons of love, care, and special treatment to get it to grow and thrive. This is the type of game that will bring tons of kids who are curious about the gardening work to the website of ABCya land. The storyline is cute, adorable, and attractive for kids. All players will get an assigned tree with different seeds. Your job is to start the work of taking care of the plant. What kinds of tasks will there be in the journey of nurturing it? From planting, watering to sharing special love, you will do it all. An attentive player will be able to see and find out when to give it a sunbathe, or water and fertilizer.

All of these elements are crucial to its growth as well as the requirements for the plants to outgrow the pot. Reach the end of the journey when the plant is fully bloomed and you can admire the beauty of it! There will be some tutorials to help you with the few first steps of the game, but you will be on your own once the plant starts growing. Different seeds will bring out different results as well as different plants. Aren't you curious about the result?

Let's see who can gather the light, love, and fertilizer to help the plant comes in full bloom and becomes its pretty self! It's a lovely game to train the persistence, consistency, and the process of taking care of a specific plant from the collection of games at Don't leave the plant to dry out or leave it under the sun for too long! Conquer other farm games like Sporos and Cat Rolling for the best cultivation skills!

Instructions: Click and hold the left mouse to interact and grow the plant.