Traffic Control Time

Traffic Control Time is the latest game of traffic theme from the list of ABCya land with a new level of difficulty for controlling the flow of a crowded intersection. In order to keep the traffic flow organized, you need to make sure each lane in the intersection gets its turn to move. Click on the correct clock that shows the time as stated on each board.

By clicking on the correct clock which shows the right time as mentioned in the question, you can change the traffic light and allow the lanes to move accordingly. As there is a total of four sets of clocks, each symbolizes a single traffic light signal, the players need to choose the right time for all four clocks in order to guide the traffic flow in a good way.

A correct clock shall change the signal of the traffic light to green. If you haven't been able to choose the right clock, the traffic light remains to be red. Keep in mind that there's only a limited time for managing the traffic on each level, do your best to solve all the quizzes so as to avoid traffic congestion. One tap on the wrong clock will cost you the level result, therefore, stay focused and choose only the right ones.

The further you make in this game, the higher your scores might be. However, do your best to avoid choosing the wrong clocks during any of the matches. Here at, we bring a huge collection of summer games for kids of all ages with a diverse set of genres, themes, as well as graphic designs. Come and check out some popular options for you such as Zen Cube 3D.


Click the left button to choose the clock and make the traffic lanes move.