Pet Trainer Duel

Pet Trainer Duel is a fun shop for taking care of pets, especially cats. We take on cats with obesity and help their owners transform their pets. If you are looking for a master pet training course, this is the perfect online game from ABCya4 land for you! The work here includes taking cats on the trainer platforms, helping them move and exercise, controlling their diet, and overall, doing your best to help them lose some weight.

At the end of each stage, the game provides a weighting check to see how much weight the cat has lost with your methodologies. The key point to move toward the higher stages is to make sure that you cross the requirements for weighting. Feel free to emerge in this virtual world with the colorful decoration of the shop, fun theme, and lovely cats!

Two game modes, each with its special requirements and module will keep you entertained for days on end! Go solo if you are trying to learn the basics for a trainer to help one cat specifically. Or you can make a pair with your friend and share the tips and tricks in 2-player mode. Regardless of the mode that you pick, do whatever it takes to successfully transform these cats and make them as fit as possible!

Diet will be a huge part of this process, so control the food for each character carefully. We invite you to enjoy more fun games with lovely pets, adorable characters, and plenty of funny gameplay such as Dot Trigger from our new game list at! Don't worry about interruption or cost because all of our games are for free to guarantee high-quality online game time. Keep advancing with more tough pet training later!

Instruction keys:

Use the mouse cursor to choose and interact with the cats.