Filling Lines

Filling Lines is a classic and challenging puzzle game, you can play this games online at abcya 4th. In this connection game, you should connect each shape to its similar, in order to fill the puzzle in the correct order. The levels get continuously more earnestly so attempt to unwind and settle each riddle. Could you at any point finish every one of the 36 levels in this fun web-based puzzle game?

You need to do this in a special order and at the same time remember that they should not intersect. The main goal is to paint over all the empty cells on the field. It is important to remember that you cannot mark twice in the same place, and therefore you need to take each step deliberately.

With simple gameplay and controls, every player who comes to our site can enjoy this game without any trouble, even kids. If you want to experience such a cool game like this, here are 2 options for you: Millionaire Trivia Quiz and Align 4 Big. Play this never ending game for FREE.


Click and drag the line to connect the tiles.