Align 4 Big

Align 4 Big is an exciting, interesting game with the mashup theme from puzzle games and arcade games! You will get to choose between two missions against your friend or a CPU. This match will be all about setting your pawns on this blank board and finding out the way to win first. The game's mission is to collect and align a group of 4 pawns horizontally, diagonally, or vertically.

The pawns should be in the same color as your stack's and there should be no interruption between the line. The rule is simple, however, it will take some tactics and brainstorming to get your way around. Two players place a pawn in turn in any chosen column on the blank board. As long as the column still has blanks left, they can drop the pawn of their choice. The pawn will slide to the lowest position that it could reach in the column. In order to win, you need to make a line of a consecutive set of four pawns.

The winner is the player who first succeeds in making a consecutive alignment of at least four pawns. When dropping your discs, calculate the moves to make sure that you can either block the other person's moves or create your line. Instead of three game modes like the usual arcade games, you will get the chance to explore a pack of five different modes, ranging from Easy to Insane!

This will spice up the game with intensity and new difficulty that requires special skills for sure. Train your thinking and problem-solving skills when dealing with the A. I system and see how quickly you can defeat it! Get your hands on more amazing puzzle games like Tower Match and Millionaire Trivia Quiz, all from our new puzzle list at with zero cost!


Click to slide the discs into the board.