Tower Match

The work of assembling a new tower to add to the city landscape in this game of Tower Match will not be an easy feat. Learn how to stack the blocks one by one with the utmost precision and conquer this ABCya puzzle game! You will be involved in building a skyscraper which might appear to be hard as your blocks are moving. The goal is to stop the movement of the block in time to make it drop neatly on the previous base. Not only is this arcade game Tower Match a good challenge for your coordination of eyes and hands but it also turns the building and assembling chore into pure fun!

Starting from the base, the few first blocks are easy since they move slowly. The higher your tower is, the harder it is to stack up another block. Any part that doesn't match the surface of the previous block will be removed, which makes the area for you to stack smaller and more challenging. Practice your precise movement and grow your list of buildings to transform into the richest property owner in this game!

Make sure to check your final score count as heaps of coins are given for the perfectly placed blocks. Avoid missing at all costs because it might make the game turn faster. Keep in mind that the sloppy arrangement cuts off your blocks, resulting in them being downsized. Let's try to keep the area large so that you can keep going with more pieces later in the game. For more similar puzzle games like Easter Coloring Book and Magic Soccer from, we guarantee a good experience during your holiday! Grab a friend to explore the huge game world that ABCya offers now!

How to play: Click to drop the blocks.