Dot Trigger

Navigate the cannon in the middle of the ring here at Dot Trigger to explore this ABCya new shooting game with moving targets! Colorful dots are the targets that you need to hit with your cannon while extracting the scores from the board. Emerge in this addicting casual game with a colorful setting, neon-themed graphics, and plenty of newly updated challenges for you to have fun during your free time.

The highlight of this game is the fun while chasing and shooting the dots. The players need to shoot the revolving dots around the main ring by using the given shooting cannon from the middle. With a limited number of shots, can you clear out all the dots in one stage? These dots will be revolving and moving in a clockwise or anti-clockwise motion, however, there's no telling which one it is.

You need to estimate the movement of each dot and shoot at the estimated position that it might reach in a few seconds to remove it. The more you can remove with one shot, the higher your scores will be. Pay attention to the statistic panel on the side to keep track of the given time, several shot dots, and the time limit if any.

This game is simple enough for newbies to grasp the basics in one go, yet hard to master. Keep advancing with more scores to secure a slot on the top-ranged ranking board of the game at! This is a perfect opportunity for amazing shooters to participate in more virtual games! Shoot at a variety of targets and explore more shooting challenges with other similar games such as Air Traffic Control, all given for free to any kids!

Instructions: Click the left mouse or touchpad to shoot.