Into The Dead Trigger

As the terror of the zombie apocalypse has overshadowed the town of ABCya land, we need a brave hero to come into the danger zone of Into The Dead Trigger where you can take down the zombies and search for the way out. Avoid all types of contacts with zombies since it will only damage your survival chance and hampering your ability to deal with the upcoming hostile encounters.

Search the area for any sign of zombies and shoot them either in close range or from further away. If you fail to take the approaching zombie before it comes to your location, you will get infected and lose the battle for sure. Use the two data on the left and right corner of the screen to know the remaining ammo and the health statistics so that you can come up with the appropriate strategies.

At, games like this usually have a dark theme with very intense 3D graphics that resemble real-life situations and enhance your overall experience! Don't worry if you haven't fully grasped the controlling keys, the game will display an instruction board before the players participate in the game for guidance. Don't panic and keep control to stay alive in more battles like Short Life 2 and Laser Maker!


WASD to move, mouse to fire a weapon, or to block. Left shift to sprint, Left Ctrl key to crouch, X key to prone, space to jump, R to reload the bullets, and F to use the gathered items.